Review: Now I Know My Avocados

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Now I Know My Avocados is a whimsical scavenger hunt for explorers both young and mature. This adventure encourages readers to seek-and-find common objects that are scattered among vibrant alphabet-themed landscapes. This is an artful and unique book that challenges inquisitive minds on every page.

Looking for an alphabet book for the hip, stylish parents in your life? Now I Know My Avocados offers a fun, fresh take on the traditional a-b-c book, using a minimalist colour scheme and some unusual examples to shake things up a bit.

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Children are invited to look through each spread and spot all the different elements that start with a given letter.

Of course, the initial rhyming couplet doesn’t work here in Canada where we pronounce the letter “z” as “zed”! 🙂

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Now I Know My Avocados would probably work best as a scavenger hunt-style game with slightly older children, rather than as an introductory alphabet book for young babies. There is quite a lot of detail on each spread that might be difficult for developing eyes to focus on and sort through. But toddlers could have a lot of fun pointing out and naming all the different items on each spread.

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There’s also handy vocabulary list included at the end of the book so you can double-check that you didn’t miss anything!

Now You Know Your Avocados is currently only offered as an ebook (I believe), but because it isn’t an interactive ebook, it could easily be printed out for use by families who may not have e-readers or tablets or who have reservations about screen time and young children. It’s a stylish, creatively illustrated, affordable alphabet book that’s worth taking a look at.

EDIT: The book IS available in a print version!

A free electronic copy of this book was provided by the author for review.

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