Rapid Fire Book Tag

I saw this little tag on the Orangutan Librarian, and decided to give it a go myself! Have you ever wanted to know more about the Raincity Librarian and her reading habits? Well, you’re in luck (or not, either way, I’m doing the tag)!

The author in her natural environment.

eBooks or physical books?

I really do wish I could get into eBooks – they’re so convenient! Lightweight and incredibly portable, eBooks are perfect for those of us who read on the way to work or school. But, if I’m going to be honest, I am 100% a physical book person. I’m not a Luddite, I don’t have any particular attachment to the printed page, I just find it more comfortable on my eyes to read from print. Maybe one day they’ll come up with an eBook reader that my eyes find appealing, but until then, I’ll stick to paper.

Paperback or hardback?

Paperback. Cheaper and lighter.

Online or in-store book shopping?

I very rarely buy books. They’re expensive, I read quickly and rarely reread books, and I live in a small apartment with limited storage space. On top of that, I work in one library system and live down the street from the largest branch of another library system, so I have countless books at my disposal. I do have a weakness for second-hand bookstores, though. I love the cheap prices, I love being able to give previously-owned books a new home, and I love finding strange and out-of-print treasures.

Trilogies or series?

Series. I enjoy mysteries, which often come as series.

Heroes or villains?

Neither and both. I prefer well-developed, complex characters who have aspects of both good and evil to them. Although I do have a soft spot for deliciously wicked, wonderfully over the top villains.

A book you want everyone to read?

The right book for them! I want everyone to find the right books that meet their reading needs. I am a librarian after all.

Recommend an underrated book.

Anything nonfiction. It gets such a bad rap as being dry and/or boring, which of course is sometimes the case, but not always. Nonfiction is a valid option for recreational reading for all ages!!

The last book you finished?

Weirdest thing you used as a bookmark?

I have a bit of a confession to make…I dog-ear books. I’m sorry, I know it’s wrong, and I’ve tried to change, I just can’t help it!

Used books, yes or no?

Absolutely 100% yes. It’s recycling!

Top three favourite genres?

Nonfiction, mystery, historical fiction.

Borrow or buy?

99% borrow, 1% buy second hand.

Characters or plot?

I’d much rather have both.

Long or short book?

Short. I have the attention span of a toddler.

Long or short chapters?

I don’t know that I’ve necessarily thought too much about chapter length. I’ll leave that up to the author’s discretion.

Name the first three books you think of.

I’m going to cheat a wee bit and name the three books that are sitting on the desk beside me:

The Plague and I by Betty MacDonald

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel

There’s a Bear on My Chair by Ross Collins

Depends on my mood.

Our world or fictional worlds?

Both! Two of my favourite genres are nonfiction (our world) and fantasy (fictional worlds), so I’m more than happy to explore both. I’m not a huge fan of contemporary settings unless they’re mysteries. I just don’t have time for relationship dramas.

Audiobooks: yes or no?

I have tried a few, and I love them in theory, but I just can’t seem to focus when I’m listening to an audio book. Again with the short attention span…

Do you ever judge a book by its cover?

Of course, that’s the entire point of a book cover! That’s why publishers (typically…) spend so much money, time and effort on designing eye-catching book covers!

Check out http://www.goodshowsir.co.uk/ to see just how inspiring book covers can truly be.

Book to movie or book to TV adaptation?

I haven’t actually seen many book to TV adaptations, though I did recently see the Netflix miniseries version of A Series of Unfortunate Events and enjoyed it very much.

A move or TV adaptation you preferred to the book?

Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. Just the right amount of material taken out and added. I really do prefer this movie to the book, as much as it might pain my mother, I die-hard LOTR fan, to hear me admit it. Sorry, mum!

Series or standalone?

I typically prefer standalone titles or series that feature self-contained plots. Anything that requires me to remember what happened in the previous book isn’t like to appeal to me, since I often go through reading phases, and it might be years before I pick up the next novel in a series. This happened to me when I tried to read the Wheel of Time series, and I was left pretty darn confused.

I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my reading habits!